Useful or not

What do you do with these boxes ?

What you want, you can use them for sugar or for jewelry. There would also be room for cookies in them. But they don't have to be filled, they can stand at your home like that without being useful. They are perfect for giving as a gift. 



A clay box does not have to be made entirely of clay, if the knob is replaced by other materials, then it takes the object the heaviness that often hangs on pottery vessels, labeling them as stale and out of date.

The boxes shown here, are cast and fired at about 1100 degrees Celsius in an electric kiln.

There are single-colored boxes and boxes on whose surface a ceramic pattern was fired on. This technique is a transfer process.On the lids are various materials such as metal, plastic, glass and paper in different combinations as a knob, this brings the boxes their special charm.







5 different boxes are in the assortment:     


small box      height:     10cm

medium box  height:     14cm

large box      height:     12cm

sugar box     height:      9cm

flat box         height:      6cm, diameter:18cm


Stockist : 

Zeitkunstgalerie • Halle

Goldberg • Berlin