VASE EDITION "Thea" ©Jeanne Koepp, 2020

Serie:      blown

3 Sizes:  h: • 17cm  23cm • 26cm

9 Colors: • Ambra  Ametista • Verde pio • Verde petrolio • Acqua mare • Blu cobalto • Rosso • Acciaio Nero

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Fotografin: Charlotte Krauss

The poetry of the useful



When working with vessels, I am guided by strict classical forms, which I reinterpret through the play of form and color with Murano glass. From single pieces I develop serial works that seem to move effortlessly between sensuality and austerity.


Glass has been made in Venice since the 10th century. The recipes are secret and are only passed on to the next generation within families. This is how Laguna di Venezia became the world capital of glass making. The quality, the purity, the stability, the shine, the luminosity as well as the transparency of the colors are incomparable. Therefore, since 2017 I have been working temporarily on the island of Murano in the workshop of a glassblower.


In 2020, I designed the vase group "THEA". This series consists of vases of the same shape, which are currently produced in 3 sizes and 9 colors. 


For the production of the vase group "Thea" I reactivated an old reproduction technique: Through a two-part, even-short-fibered wooden mold made of pear tree, a reproduction is possible. For this purpose, the viscous glass is blown into the watered, rotationally symmetrical mold. The resulting water vapor on the surface and the rotation of the glass blank creates an absolutely smooth surface.


This vase convinces not only by the quality and luminosity of the glass and its masterful processing, but also by timeless aesthetics and the combination of craftsmanship with a current product design.


By choosing the production location, old craft techniques are kept alive and traditional production sites are supported.


Each vase is painstakingly handcrafted, only the most successful vases leave the glassblowing workshop and receive a certificate of authenticity through my signature cut into the glass base. 

Jeanne Koepp  


Availability and price on request