Glass Vase "THEA"©Jeanne Koepp 2020, this vase is produced in 3 sizes and 8 colors on the island of Murano in Italy.

The vases are available in 3 sizes: 17cm, 23cm, 26cm. They are produced in different colors: Rosso, Verde pio, Ametista, Blu cobalto, Aqua mare, Verde petrolio, Ambra and Nero.

Fotografin: Charlotte Krauss und Jeanne Koepp

This is a series consisting of unique pieces. The viscous glass is blown into watered wooden moulds and the water vapour that forms on the surface and the rotation of the glass blank creates an absolutely smooth surface.



The base and rim of the blank are then finished in the glass-cutting workshop. My signature cut into the base of the glass gives the vases a certificate of authenticity.



Each material has its own charm to convey aesthetics to us. When working with glass, I have an intense spectrum of colours at my disposal. This colourfulness was an impulse for me to turn to glass as a material, to design glass vases and then to produce them from the most colourful glass in the world on Murano, Italy.