Anti-Aging for Granny´s Crockery


Everyone has got some: Oldish dishes, not much good or used any longer but full of memories. Plates, mugs, saucers, soup bowls – white china, the edge painted gold. A bit tired looking, they get pushed to the far corner in the kitchen cupboard or even boxed away into the attic. Some of them might have been granny´s pride and joy which we admired as children in the drawing-room cabinet, and which were used only on the most special occasions.  Out of place and time they are for certain, but who would have the heart to through them out altogether?


Ceramic artist Jeanne Koepp recently noticed that attics, flea markets and kitchen cupboards all over the country  are bursting with unwanted bits and pieces. How could one kiss them back to life she wondered? Her idea: add a new pattern onto an old dish and renew the golden edge! Asked about the technical process for this elixir of life, Jeanne Koepp has but a smile for an answer. Only this much she gives away: it´s a brand new technique with unlimited design possibilities. Smart, playful or repetitive – every taste can be met.


From May 2012 individual pieces and mini-series that have undergone a rejuvenation cure are exhibited and sold in Jeanne Koepp Gallery. You find the gallery on the Kollwitzstraße in the Berlin borough of Prenzlauer Berg. Pay a visit, be inspired and rediscover the passion for your unwanted dishes!


Britta Bielenberg/ London