The idea of making a vase of glass was for me the logical consequence of my years of work as a ceramist. To give this material - which in ceramics has a major protective function, the glaze - the main role.

Glazes, like glass, consist of mineral flours - quartz sand, soda, feldspar, lime, potash - and protect vessels like a skin against water and mechanical impact.

So I set about developing prototypes and looking for a place to implement my project. In 2018, the time had come, and the first unique pieces were blown on the island of Murano in collaboration with a local glassblower. 

The collaboration with ancient crafts I find very stimulating, whether the Venetian glassblower and the South Tyrolean turner my trip to Italy lead me to people who understand their craft.

Each material has its own charm to transmit aesthetics to us. When working with glass, I have an intensive color spectrum at my disposal, perhaps that was precisely the impetus to turn to the material glass, to design glass vases and then have them blown from the most colorful glass in the world on Murano / Italy.