OBJECTS design©Jeanne Koepp 2020

Murano Glass


These objects are freely blown and therefore unique, so each object has its own size, weight and shape.

During the manufacturing process of blowing, minimal air and particle inclusions in the glass are possible, which does not mean a reduction in quality, but is a sign of handmade products.

design©Jeanne Koepp 2020

Production method: blown, Murano glass

Place of manufacture: Murano/Italy 

Suspension: raw steel

Height: 60 - 65cm Weight: 25 - 28kg    

Colors: verde petrolio, verde pio, rosso,

ametista, ambra, blu cobalto, aqua mare, ambra

Delivery time: 2 - 4 months

Price: 2.400 €



The collection from the year 2021 is sold ! 

A new collection of 3 objects in the colour verde pio (divine green) were blown on 30.5.23 on the island of Murano/ Italy.

The objects can also be ordered in the colours: verde petrolio, rosso, ametista, ambra,

blu cobalto and aqua mare. Delivery time 2 - 4 months


Information about these beautiful pieces on request.