Vase "THEA" design©Jeanne Koepp 2020

Murano Glass


Jeanne Koepp's vases are blown and therefore unique.

Each vase therefore has its own characteristics, the thickness of the glass is different and influences the color intensity.This manufacturing process can result in minimal air and particle inclusions in the glass, which does not mean a reduction in quality, but is a sign of handmade products.

Vase "THEA" design@Jeanne Koepp 2020

Heights: 17cm / 23cm / 26cm

Colors: verde pio, verde petrolio, nero, ametista, rosso, blu cobalto, aqua mare, ambra

Production method: blown

Place of manufacture: Murano/Italy 

The "THEA" glass vase is produced in wooden molds as a small series on the island of Murano. The viscous glass is blown into watered wooden molds. The resulting water steam on the surface and the rotation of the glass piece create an absolutely smooth surface.





Here you can see the production process of free-blown vases. This movie was made in July 2020 and shows the blowing of my first vases. Later I decided to use wooden molds to reproduce them.